Samier and Azraah are two like-minded entrepreneurs and business people who are changing the baby clothing industry with each new venture. Azraah grew up in a world filled with baby products, the cutting, trimming and making of baby clothes, surrounded by soft and colourful materials and with that came a love for textures, designs and patterns. She grew up with a great love for people and for creating things that would bring smiles and laughter to the heart of every family. When Samier found his life partner, he also found a future in the clothing industry – all he needed was the chance to match his practical business mind with her flair for fun and beautiful colours. When their son was born in 2008, a host of creative ideas came with him – every time Azraah dressed him, she got more great ideas for a stunning baby-range.

Then, in 2011 Baby Republic was born. Azraah and Samier created a company that would serve and support other young families with quality products and affordable items – locally manufactured also meant that they could do their part in creating jobs, stimulating the local economy and strengthening the clothing industry with quality garments made and produced in South Africa. During the past eight years the award winning brand has evolved into a well-known local name, offering fun, fashionable and trendy products with non-negotiable style, comfort and quality.