Get To Know Us

Baby Republic Clothing was founded in 2011 and is a registered South African business.

The company was founded by a husband-and-wife duo who envisioned quality and affordable baby clothing made locally.

Over the past decade, the company has evolved into a multi-award-winning brand known for its fun, stylish and trendy baby clothes that are comfortable and high-quality.

The managing director, Azraah, spent eight (8) years in the corporate sector, where her duties included establishing and implementing service level agreements, formulating guidelines to assist clients, and preparing and presenting training material to internal and external staff. Through her Basic Accounting certification, she assisted with reconciliations, balancing commission journals and balance sheets, calculating and paying commissions.

A Professional Communication Skills Certificate, acquired through IMSIMBI, has helped to communicate with various stakeholders within Corporate and to provide professional customer service to clients.

Having achieved her distinction in Social Media management, she has cultivated over twenty-thousand organic followers since becoming self-employed, to aid with marketing and networking. The latest certificate, Women Enterprise Coaching, was obtained through the small enterprise development.

Samier, who heads up the Company's Operations and Logistics, is from the construction industry, where project management plays an instrumental role in ensuring the timely delivery of projects. With his expertise in sourcing, building strong relationships with suppliers, and negotiating rates, he has been able to ensure successful and well-presented exhibitions over the past decade.

Together, they established a company to empower people within disadvantaged communities, to give them the opportunity to sustain and hold a permanent job, to provide quality products and affordable items to other young families, and to work closely with non-profits in order to assist where needed.